Our assertion and pursuit
harmonizing advanced science and traditional techniques.

Just Fit System ultimate order made gloves.

Ultimate or ideal golf gloves mean natural feeling and touch in hand.
Three elements of attaining the purpose are just-fitting, soft-touching and long durability.

This "Just Fit System" was invented by KAWADA and now developing and spreading all over the Japan.

We, KAWADA can supply you luxurious fitting and touching corresponded with your hands by reasonable prices and short delivery with our epoch-making computer system, "Just Fit System".

Would you mind giving us an order for your own fitted gloves?
Please understand we can take orders only to residents in Japan.

You can select materials and colors as following,
Natural leather-severely selected Ethiopian hair-sheepskin
Black, pearl white, green, navy blue, camel, wine red, purple, pink
Stay-soft and water-repelling processed

Artificial leather- TORAY ÉXCÉNE
black, ivory, green, navy blue

*Please understand some difference on color between your impression on website and the actual gloves.
*Please understand you can request only your initial name embroidered.

You can choose your favorite type, color, mark and naming.
We keep your hand model for ever and please tell us your name and registered number on your re-ordering.

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