Our assertion and pursuit
harmonizing advanced science and traditional techniques.

SHIN-UCHI-our original brand and technology

Prevent hook and slice. Master ideal swing ark.
Trained and drilled professional golfers could inspire this SHIN-UCHI.
SHIN-UCHI was developed by our pursuing to approach professional golfers°« strong arm and wrist.
The specification of SHIN-UCHI is attached peculiar and longer belt and therefore prevent left wrist to turn left on the swing top and can support your swing to ideal form without hook and slice.

1. Can swing as like you have a professional wrist
2. Can keep stability on swing top
3. Prevent left hand to turn left on impact
4. Can make you master ideal swing work
5. Adapted to the rule of official or regular game


A: This wider belt covers and supports the back of hand not to open the face of hand on
the swing top.
B: This longer belt prevents left arm to turn on the impact and hook and slice.

a: Back of hand turns inside to slice
b: SHIN-UCHI keeps arm strait
c: Back of hand turns outside to hook

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